School Curriculum


At Mentone Park we deliver a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum based around the Australian Curriculum in Victorian (AusVELS). AusVELS is the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum that provides a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

AusVELS incorporates the Australian Curriculum F-10 for English, Mathematics, History and Science within the curriculum framework first developed for the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). AusVELS uses an eleven level structure to reflect the design of the new Australian Curriculum whilst retaining Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.

Our curriculum aims to prepare young people for a world in which knowledge is highly valued and constantly changing and where work, society, community and personal relationships are subject to increasingly complex pressures. To be successful, young people need a broad range of knowledge and social, personal and thinking skills. By using the AusVELS framework we aim to help our students acquire this knowledge and these skills during the primary years of education to prepare them for further education or training or in their chosen career path.

In 2016, we have been transitioning to the new Victorian Curriculum, enhanced by the Government’s Education State Initiative which aims to improve student outcomes for Victorian students by improving the quality of teaching in every classroom. A key part of the Education State is providing schools with clear directions and priorities to focus on student learning. This comes in the form of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). FISO uses the latest research on student learning and global best-practice to assist schools to focus their efforts on key areas that are known to have the greatest impact on school improvement.


 Our Literacy Program incorporates 3 main interweaving components – reading, writing and speaking and listening.

At Mentone Park students are engaged in our Literacy Program for two hour literacy program everyday. Our Literacy Program incorporates whole class teaching, , small and individual group work based on student needs and whole class reflection of their learning at the end of each session. Students are constantly challenged to further develop their comprehension skills in order to become critical, deeper thinkers. Students assessment includes both formal and informal testing.

Formal testing includes 'On Demand' testing, AusVels and NAPLAN.

Informal assessment includes running records, reading and writing assessment records, anecdotal notes and teacher observation.


Mentone Park Primary School’s mathematics curriculum is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The Mathematics Domain is divided into five dimensions:

  • Number
  • Space
  • Measurement, Chance of Data
  • Structure
  • Working Mathematically

At Mentone Park Primary School we deliver a mathematics curriculum that is challenging, fun and engaging. Teachers plan together in teams and use like needs and mixed groups to ensure students are individually catered for. Students are given support and extension throughout their learning journey. Teachers cater for different learning styles by using hands on, visual and interactive activities. Mentone Park Primary focuses on building confidence, a love of learning and a deep understanding of mathematics.

Inquiry Learning

At Mentone Park teachers work together in VELS levels to plan units of work which are implemented across a two year timeframe. Units of work are structured according to an Inquiry approach. This is an open-ended, activity based, child centred teaching and learning approach which integrates across curriculum areas and fosters connections between learning. Through this, students are regularly provided with the opportunity to negotiate and reflect on their learning. 

Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

As a tool to support learning, ICT plays a major role in all areas of the curriculum. Students at Mentone Park benefit from a variety of devices including laptops, netbooks, ipads, and ipods, providing the flexibility of different learning approaches in a range of settings. 



Visual Arts

Visual Arts promotes and encourages students to express themselves creatively using a variety of different mediums. Emphasis is placed upon developing confidence to experiment and problem solve in a supportive and productive atmosphere. Students proudly display their pieces of art work around the school, electronically and at the annual Art Show held in Term 4 each year.

Performing Arts - Music

Our performing arts program provides students with opportunities to develop and refine their creativity through dance, drama and music. There is an emphasis on engagement and school connectedness, as well as skill development. A bi-annual school production is an important component of our performing arts program.  


Physical Education

The P.E programme at Mentone Park is developed sequentially from Prep to Year 6 and encompasses the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Students have weekly lessons with a physical education specialist as well as sessions with their class teacher. In physical education, students participate in a comprehensive skills based program that provides them with a sound base for participation in sporting activities and in the development of a healthy lifestyle. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment!

In addition, students participate in the following activities:

  • Swimming (Prep to Year 4)
  • Beach Swimming (Years 5/6)
  • Outdoor Education (camps Years 4 & 6)
  • Perpetual Motor Programme (Prep)
  • House Sports (all grades)
  • Bike Education
  • Grade 3-6 Fitness Program
  • Inter School Sport (Years 5/6)
  • Specialist clinics provide by sports Education and Development Australia
  • Lunchtime sport clubs
  • District Athletics and cross country carnivals (Years 4 to 6)
  • Before school training (Term 1-Swimming, Term 2 and 3-Fitness Challenge)
  • Students have the opportunity to progress through district, zone and state championships in all sports


The library is an extremely valuable resource for both students and teachers alike, where books and materials are available for planning, curriculum and research purposes, and, of course, books to read for pleasure. The library holds its annual Book Fairs each November to enable the students and the wider school community to purchase new books and enhance literacy within the school.

Languages Other Than English (L.O.T.E.) - Italian

Language studies provide opportunities for students to develop positive attitudes towards the learning of another language as well as increasing the students' knowledge and appreciation of their own language. As it is highly desirable to start language learning early, Italian is offered to students at Mentone Park Primary School from Prep (VELS level 1) through to Grade 6 (VELS level 4). The main objective of the course is to give the students some basic knowledge of the Italian Language and an insight into Italian culture. Where possible, topics and themes that are being investigated in the students' classrooms are integrated into the LOTE program and incorporate a wide range of learning styles. The emphasis is on creating enjoyable and fun ways of engaging students and encouraging them to “have a go”.

Benvenuti in Italia! (Welcome to Italy)

Languages Online: Italian